The Big Picture

An interview with client Dan Fuller about his experience with WAV&S video calibration services

What got you interested in having your unit calibrated (video calibration)?

Since I moved into this house, having the projector and big screen was always a neat theater experience, but the picture was always a challenge for me. It was good, but certainly not as good as the ones on large TVs in other areas of the home. When Jason told me about ISF calibration, I was all in.

Were you surprised at how long it took and how technical the calibration was?

Yes! It was a lengthy process, maybe 4-6 hours. Jason used a lot of equipment and the amount of work he did to fine tune the system was very apparent. Watching him work, you really get an appreciation of the level of technical expertise needed to do this.

What were your first thoughts after the calibration, when you saw the picture for the first time?

The leap in the level of detail you could see in the picture was amazing, powerful. There was a huge increase in clarity. Plus the color, depth, and sharpness… it brought it all into focus. The picture wasn’t bad before, but this took it to a whole new level. The before and after pictures really don’t do it justice.

Have other people noticed a difference in the picture?

After the calibration my wife commented on how good the picture looked. And my daughter, who is very critical, even she really liked it.

Do you think it was worth it?

100%. I’ve been so impressed by sharpness and clarity of the picture. It’s the first time I’ve watched a movie at home and said, “Wow, this is what it’s all about.”  It’s made me want to spend more time in the entertainment room and has made it a much more pleasurable experience.

What do you like about the service WAV&S provided?

It’s clear you’re dealing with professionals with a lot of knowledge. I was told by multiple other AV companies that I couldn’t get 4K resolution out of my projector, but WAV&S made it happen. In addition to getting the best picture quality possible out of my projector, Jason identified several other ways to improve the system and the sound quality is incredible now too.

What would you tell other people who about the value of calibration?

Personally, I think it’s worth every bit of $500 and have already recommended to several friends with large TVs. When you spend $5000 on a TV, to spend $500 to maximize the experience is worth it in spades.