best home automation installation in Atlanta Georgia

Home Automation Systems

A full home automation system has many components – one for each home system it controls: heating/cooling, security, lights, doors, and more.

WAV&S technicians have experience installing the individual systems and connecting them together. The technician will also teach you how to control the systems, and be available after the installation for technical support.

best home audio installation in Atlanta Georgia

Home Audio Systems

What’s the most important aspect of your home audio system?  Superior sound quality? Indoor and outdoor listening? Simple controls?

WAV&S has advanced knowledge when it comes to sound systems, because the founder, Jason Williams, is a musician himself. He knows the brands, he has a musician’s ear for sound quality and can guide you toward the perfect configuration to meet your goals. Choose someone who can do more than run wires and mount speakers. Choose someone who understands sound.

best home theater installation in Atlanta Georgia

Home Theater Systems

Families have different wants and different spaces to house their home theaters. Whether it’s a dedicated media room or the big TV in the family room, there are decisions to be made that impact the entertainment environment you want to create. Do you want big sound so it feels like a movie theater?  Do you want a great experience but equipment that doesn’t dominate the room?

WAV&S technicians will make it their business to understand your priorities and provide system recommendations and implementation to create the entertainment experience you want.

best home network installation in Atlanta Georgia

Home Networks

It might seem easy to let the home builder and the internet provider decide how the house is equipped for internet access, but that’s rarely the right choice. Take control of your home network and develop plans for who can get access, what’s wired and what’s wireless, when family members can have access and what level of security you want to maintain.

WAV&S technicians are tech savvy and security minded. They can advise when to use the internet provider’s equipment and when to acquire your own, and what the risks are on each side.

best home security installation in Atlanta Georgia

Home Security Systems

Home security is becoming a bigger concern in major metro areas like Atlanta. Homeowners worry about protecting their family, safeguarding their belongings and, with the advent of so much smart technology in the home, protecting access to in-home systems like HVAC and home networks. Home security is so much bigger than an alarm system!

WAV&S technicians will recognize the vulnerabilities in any home they assess. They will point out blind spots, vulnerable situations for teenagers who may be home alone and offer solutions to specific concerns homeowners have. Best of all, WAV&S isn’t limited to a single hardware provider, like many security companies are.


  • TVs

    • Sony-XBR
    • LG
    • Samsung

  • Streaming Media Players

    • Apple TV
    • Roku

  • Speakers

    • Polk Audio
    • Boston Acoustics
    • Origin Acoustics
    • Martin Logan
    • Yamaha
    • Niles

  • BluRay Players

    • Sony
    • Sony ES
    • LG
    • Samsung

  • Pro Audio

    • QSC
    • Yamaha
    • JBL
    • DBX

  • Alarm Systems

    • Honeywell
    • DSC
    • 2Gig
    • Quolsys

  • Remote Control Systems

    • URC
    • RTI
    • Pro Control
    • Logitech Harmony

  • Audio Receivers

    • Marrantz
    • Denon
    • Heos
    • Sonos
    • Yamaha
    • Russound
    • Niles
    • Sony ES
    • Sony

  • Cameras

    • Digital Watchdog
    • Speco
    • Spyclops
    • Axis
    • Northern
    • Hikvision
    • Honeywell

  • Network Equipment

    • Luxul
    • Ubiquity
    • Eero

  • Wire

    • Ice Cable (speaker wire and category wire)
    • Cleerline (fiber optic wire)
    • Ethereal (HDMI cables)
    • Catalyst (HDMI cables)

  • HDMI Solutions

    • Key Digital
    • VanCo
    • AV Pro
    • Just Add Power