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Many new homes and businesses have wiring for networks already “built in,” but there’s no guarantee that what the builder did matches what you actually want.

WAV&S technicians understand when wired connections are best and what kind of limits Wi-Fi connections can have. We can assess your space - including things like building materials, layout, and size - to determine how to get you the best network coverage possible.

Thinking about adding anetwork?

Start with your home networking goals

  • How many devices are you connecting?
  • Do you want to “cut the cord?"
  • What are your priorities?
    • No buffering!
    • Security
    • Control access for kids

Contact WAV&S – we’ll take the time to understand how you’ll use your home network and then advise you on how to get there.

Disappointed with your current network?

Explain how the network isn’t giving you what you want.  We will provide an honest and objective opinion on the configuration and what adjustments could be made. If we think we can improve the performance of the network, we may suggest scheduling a walk-through.

Want to expand the home network you already have?

Contact WAV&S with the details of what you want to add.  We can acquire the equipment if you haven’t already, and integrate the new technology for you. If you already have the new equipment, we can install it and train you on its use.

Begin with an Estimate

For any home network system work a walk-through of the home and a conversation about the homeowner's goals and plans is required.

The cost of the walk-through is just $160. If you hire WAV&S to do the work and the project labor exceeds $500, then the walk-through fee is credited against the total.

WAV&S Warrants Its Installation Work

WAV&S provides a 30-day warranty on the installation work. If there is a problem within the first 30 days, contact WAV&S and the situation will be resolved.

When WAV&S sells specific equipment, that equipment comes with warranties. If equipment fails within the warranty period, WAV&S will assist you in acquiring warranty service, according to the manufacturer's stated procedure.

Technical Support Is a Phone Call Away

Remotes seem to lose their minds. Things that worked yesterday don't work today. You don't use a particular configuration often and you always forget exactly how to do it.

No worries, is WAV&S has done your installation. Just reach out and a WAV&S technician will walk you through using the device, or resetting the remote, as often as necessary.

We are available Monday through Friday until 7pm at 404-483-1834.

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