Product Spotlight: Qolsys

You want your security system to keep you safe, but why not let it take your home to the next level? This month we are featuring the Qolsys (stands for Quality of Life), which is our preferred security system. In our experience, this is one of the most reliable security systems, but it also has loads of extra features that put it a cut above the rest. 

Easy to Use

With its 7” display screen and simple icons, the Qolsys panel is incredibly easy to use. It’s intuitive enough for kids, aging parents, and even your technophobic spouse to learn quickly.

All-In-One Solution

You can connect so many devices to the Qolsys system! Of course there are the standard security system features that tell you when a door has been opened or motion has been detected, but there is so much more. You can control your lights, door locks, garage door, thermostat, and video doorbell from the panel. In addition, it has Wi-Fi, 4G celluar, and Z-Wave connections built in so you don’t have to buy extra components to connect with alarm monitoring (Wi-Fi and 4G cellular) or smarthome devices (Z-Wave).

Automated Security

Using the geo-fence feature, the system will automatically know when you leave the house or come home and trigger your home/not home settings. So when you leave for work it can automatically lock the doors, arm your security sensors, close your garage door, adjust your thermostat, and turn off your lights without you having to lift a finger.

Second Keypad

Unlike a lot of other wireless systems, you can add a second keypad to your system. Besides the main control panel, a lot of people like to have a keypad in the master bedroom with a panic button. It also allows you to arm and disarm the security system without having to go downstairs and also answer the video doorbell.

Dual Path System

Most security systems only report to the central monitoring station (the company that monitors your alarms and responds if something’s tripped) using a cellular data connection. This can take up to 2 minutes to transmit. The Qolsys system reports through your network connection, which usually takes only 7/10 of a second, and also through cellular data as a backup, in case your network is down.

Other Extras

  • Security sensors are 2-way encrypted so don’t have to worry about people hacking into your alarm system.
  • You can integrate cameras, which allows you to keep all of your security connections on one app.
  • It takes a picture when the alarm system is disabled or enabled so you can see who is controlling the system.
  • You can use the panel as a digital picture frame

For more information on Qolsys products, check out

As always, if you need help with this or any other security system needs, give WAV&S a call at (404) 488-3874 or click on the box at the bottom left of your screen for an instant live chat.

Security Cameras: More Complicated Than You Think

Jennifer has a neighbor whose house was recently broken into. The theives did a quick smash and grab. They got away with a TV, laptop, and some jewelry. This got Jennifer thinking that she really needs some kind of home security. So she went to Sam’s Club and bought a surveillance system with 8 cameras and a digital video recorder. She had planned to install the system herself thinking, “It can’t be any harder than connecting a video camera to the TV, right?” When Jennifer opened the box she soon realized just how different it is. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, she called WAV&S. 

We scheduled her appointment within 3 days and not only got all of the cameras in the locations she wanted, we were able to hide all of the wires inside the walls for a clean look. Now Jennifer has the ability to grab her cell phone and check in on her home in real time, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

If you’re worried about burglaries and want to keep your home safe (or just want to see what your dog is up to while you’re at work), WAV&S can help. We can guide you through the whole process, from choosing cameras that meet your specific needs to installing them to monitoring the alarm system. Call us at (404) 483-1834 or click on the box at the bottom left of your screen for an instant live chat.

Product Spotlight: Nest Video Doorbell

We know that there are a lot of different products out there and it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. So each month we’ll be showcasing a product we love and telling you why we think it’s great.

First up is the Nest Video Doorbell. We love the Nest because in our experience it has the fastest response time for wireless video doorbells. Many video doorbells have a long lag time between the time someone rings your doorbell and the time you’re notified that someone’s at the door. It’s so long, in fact, that by the time you get the notification, the person who was at the door may have already left. This is much less likely to happen with the Nest due to its faster response time. Below you can read about some of its other great features.

If you’d like to know more about video doorbells and which one is right for you, please call us for free consultation at 404-483-1834 or click the box on your screen for a live chat.

Security Tips to Remember When Moving to a New Home

When you’re moving to the house of your dreams, the chances are that security isn’t the first thing on your mind. You’re too busy worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right realtor to sell your old property, and if you have enough boxes to transport all your stuff to think about alarms and locks. That’s one of the many reasons why burglars and thieves consider new homeowners to be a prime target in any neighborhood.

After you’ve just spent a significant portion of your savings on moving up the real-estate ladder, the last thing you want is come home to find your new home trashed. Since burglaries occur as much as once every 15 seconds in the US, it’s important to put security at the top of your priority list when you’re moving home. The following tips could help.

1.     Always Change the Locks

This detail might seem simple enough, but it’s something that’s frequently overlooked by new homeowners. Changing the locks on your doors should be the first thing you do when you move to a new house, otherwise, you’re opening your home up to anyone who still has a key. Even if you happen to live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, failing to change your locks means that you’re never quite sure who has a key to your home.

2.     Install a Professional Security System

An alarm or security system is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family are protected against burglary. These systems can be as complicated or simple as you like, depending on how much security you need. Most of the time, however, they will include technology like alarm systems that alert the local authorities, and some even come with smartphone apps and motion sensing technology to provide complete peace of mind. Though a lot of people wait until after they’ve moved into a new home to set up their security systems, experts recommend getting your alarm ready before you transport your belongings.

3. Get to Know the Neighbors

Whether you’re moving to Atlanta for the first time, or you’re simply switching neighborhoods, it helps to know the people you live beside. Your neighbors can make up an important first line of defense against a possible home invasion. They know the details of the area, and they can watch over your property when you’re away. Make an effort to build relationships as quickly as you can and consider getting involved with any neighborhood watch systems.

4. Light Up Your Landscape

It’s much easier to protect yourself from criminals if you make sure that they have nowhere to hide. Trimming bushes and trees around your home can help with this, but it’s also worth lighting up your home at night with motion-sensor technology. An intruder will often feel less inclined to take the risk of breaking into your house when there’s a spotlight on them. Talk to security professionals about adding lights to your system.

5. Add Security Signs

Finally, a lot of security providers will also be able to provide you with window decals and yard signs that inform any burglars that you have a security system in place. The very presence of these signs can be enough to deter criminals, who often attack houses that seem like an easy target. Remember, thieves are often opportunistic, they’re less likely to bother you if your house seems to be well-protected.

Home Security: When One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Security isn’t a one-size fits all industry. What works for your neighbor next door, may not work for you. When it comes to home security, using the same service as the other people in the neighborhood may not be the best idea.

When it comes to the protection of your family and home, never settle for a discount service just on price alone. There are a lot of factors to consider when getting security for your home.

Home security systems have come a long way over the years. A simple keypad with 3 buttons evolved into a complex alarm system that is now able to monitor every entrance and window in the house. Now, you can even see who is at the door and have a conversation with them before you even get out of your chair. Homes are now “smart homes” when equipped with digital security options. You can control more than just the alarms!

As technology continues to expand and improve, homeowners have a myriad of options when it comes to protecting their homes and families.

In many cases, a typical home security system is a “one-size fits all” ordeal. They offer the minimum to get you started, but have very little flexibility for the customer. An alarm on the front door is a great start, but you may immediately see the need for a larger system with more options.

Williams Audio Video & Security (WAVES) provides home security systems customized to their customer’s needs. Instead of telling you what they do, WAVES will identify your security needs and build your system around what you want.

Basic Monitoring System

A basic monitoring system might be a great start in some cases, but what if your security needs are different? A basic security goal may be stopping a home invasion, but many families have other needs to consider.

  • Monitoring baby sitters or nannies in the home
  • Knowing when a child arrives or leaves
  • Controlling exterior lights or cameras from your smart phone
  • Knowing when packages arrive
  • Foot traffic around your home

If your security needs aren’t met, it doesn’t make sense to spend your hard earned money on a system that you aren’t happy with. The first step is consulting with a WAVES professional to talk about what you want and what’s important to you and your family.  In addition to security systems, WAVES also specializes in home automation. These areas of expertise are far from mutually exclusive. We are able to put the details and control of your security system at your fingertips via your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Home security in today’s world isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. A system that is created for you is also a necessity. The professionals at WAVES will listen and give you an honest assessment of what it will take to give you and your family the peace of mind that will comes with complete home security.

Avoiding a Cheap Camera System

Home Security Camera System

When it comes to a home or business security system, there are a lot of options to be had. Unfortunately, this is both a blessing and a curse. While there are a lot of fantastic options out there, it’s important to be wary of the ones that are less desirable.

With home security systems, the price tag is as varied as the options you have available. It may make sense to go with the cheaper of two options. After all, a camera is a camera, right? How different can they really be? Not so fast.

At the grocery store it may make sense to buy generic green pea rather than Green Giant. Ultimately, you may not notice a big difference. However, not all camera systems are created equal. Here are a few reasons you may want to leave the cheaper options on the shelf and choose quality.

You Get What You Pay For

Chances are the quality of the less expensive product isn’t going to be on par with your needs and expectations. Apart from the quality of the image, there are mechanical features to consider as well. Cheaper price often means cheaper components such as electronics, wires, or casing.

These cheaper components may not withstand the test of time, weather, or other conditions. If your camera system requires frequent repairs or even replacement you may ultimately wind up spending more than you’d anticipated in the long run.

No Night Vision

Half of what you want to see is going to take place at night, right? It may seem like an obvious statement, however many consumers forget to take nighttime recording and monitoring into account; or they assume that all camera systems are equipped with this feature.

It’s true that most modern camera systems are setup for night vision, but this is not universally the case. Many cheaper camera systems conveniently neglect this feature to cut costs. Unfortunately, it leaves the consumer with a system that won’t work as hoped half the time.

They Don’t Suit Your Needs

If you’ve ever purchased Christmas lights, you know there is a difference between indoor and outdoor strands. Camera systems are no different. Most outdoor cameras will work inside, but that doesn’t mean the opposite is true.

Inside cameras are not usually made to withstand the weather, so make sure you are selecting the right tool for the right job. Also, cheaper systems will often skirt this issue by claiming their cameras will work outside. This may be true, but it doesn’t mean they were designed to function in this way. There is a big difference between “could work” and “intended to work.”

Subscription Fees

Some companies will try to sell you a cheaper product, which looks good on paper, while charging heftily for ongoing subscription fees, usually for basic features. Always take into consideration the subscription fees, if any. It may seem attractive to pay a low monthly (or annual) cost rather than a heft up-front price tag; however, keep in mind that cost is recurring and will eventually wind up costing you more in the long-run.

Choose Wisely

It’s always important to remember that there’s a lot of security cameras to choose from, but at the end of the day, you have to find what’s best for your needs. If you’re in the market for a home security system, contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Why You Need Automated Door Locks

Home Security Automated Door Locks

The combination of automation and home security is something we as consumers have been waiting on for a long time. Automated door locks have been around for a little while, however with the home automation boom they are starting to take off in a big way.

Automated door locks aren’t just a fad either. They’re part of the next generation of home automation. Here are a few reasons why you need automated door locks.

Going Keyless

Imagine a world where you don’t have to carry a key. Any key. Smart automobiles are moving increasingly towards push button starters and even padlocks are exploring keyless designs. Automated door locks for your home are no different.

A world where “I forgot my key” is a phrase of the past is just around the corner. Automated door locks are the next step in home security and smart home technology. Ditch the keyring.

Smart Locks, Smart Apps

Gone are the days where you sit in your office wondering if you remembered to lock the door earlier that morning. Automated locking systems are accessible from a mobile app. Whether you’re miles away at the office or lying in bed upstairs you can lock or unlock the doors from anywhere with the touch of a button.

This can also serve as a huge time saver if you’re expecting company. Having the ability to lock and unlock your doors while you’re not home means that you can let in repair personnel or contractors when they arrive on site and you don’t have to give them a spare key!

Tracking Entry and Exit

A secret benefit of the automated door locking world is that most systems give you the ability to review when people have arrived and departed. For instance, if you’re expecting your teenager home no later than their 11pm curfew, you can check the system the next morning to see what time they arrived home (sorry kids).

This is also a wonderful tool if you have contractors in your home who you’re paying by the hour. By giving them their own unique temporary access code, you can see what time they entered your home, and what time they locked the door behind them, giving you all the information you need to make sure you’re not being swindled!

Safe and Secure

Automated door locks are not only practical and easy to use; they’re also safe. Using modern technology, automated locks are nearly impossible to break or pick. Entry is only possible to those with the password, keycode, or who are granted access by the administrator (you).

Easy Installation and Operation

Installing automated locks should be done by a qualified professional, however it is not a lengthy process. Most installations are completed within a few hours and you will be enjoying keyless entry the same day.

As with any new system, there may be a learning curve involved. However, the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter is spending a few weeks instinctively reaching for your keys.

Ready to Unlock The Future?

There are several automated door lock options for you to choose from. If you’re considering adding them to your home, contact us today for a more information or to receive an estimate.