Product Spotlight: Qolsys

You want your security system to keep you safe, but why not let it take your home to the next level? This month we are featuring the Qolsys (stands for Quality of Life), which is our preferred security system. In our experience, this is one of the most reliable security systems, but it also has loads of extra features that put it a cut above the rest. 

Easy to Use

With its 7” display screen and simple icons, the Qolsys panel is incredibly easy to use. It’s intuitive enough for kids, aging parents, and even your technophobic spouse to learn quickly.

All-In-One Solution

You can connect so many devices to the Qolsys system! Of course there are the standard security system features that tell you when a door has been opened or motion has been detected, but there is so much more. You can control your lights, door locks, garage door, thermostat, and video doorbell from the panel. In addition, it has Wi-Fi, 4G celluar, and Z-Wave connections built in so you don’t have to buy extra components to connect with alarm monitoring (Wi-Fi and 4G cellular) or smarthome devices (Z-Wave).

Automated Security

Using the geo-fence feature, the system will automatically know when you leave the house or come home and trigger your home/not home settings. So when you leave for work it can automatically lock the doors, arm your security sensors, close your garage door, adjust your thermostat, and turn off your lights without you having to lift a finger.

Second Keypad

Unlike a lot of other wireless systems, you can add a second keypad to your system. Besides the main control panel, a lot of people like to have a keypad in the master bedroom with a panic button. It also allows you to arm and disarm the security system without having to go downstairs and also answer the video doorbell.

Dual Path System

Most security systems only report to the central monitoring station (the company that monitors your alarms and responds if something’s tripped) using a cellular data connection. This can take up to 2 minutes to transmit. The Qolsys system reports through your network connection, which usually takes only 7/10 of a second, and also through cellular data as a backup, in case your network is down.

Other Extras

  • Security sensors are 2-way encrypted so don’t have to worry about people hacking into your alarm system.
  • You can integrate cameras, which allows you to keep all of your security connections on one app.
  • It takes a picture when the alarm system is disabled or enabled so you can see who is controlling the system.
  • You can use the panel as a digital picture frame

For more information on Qolsys products, check out

As always, if you need help with this or any other security system needs, give WAV&S a call at (404) 488-3874 or click on the box at the bottom left of your screen for an instant live chat.

Fun with Home Automation ;-)

Life seems to be getting more complicated by the day, so people are increasingly turning to home automation – a.k.a. Smart Home Technology – to make things simpler. Some of the top things that people like to automate include:

  • lights
  • thermostats
  • door locks
  • audio/video systems
  • landscape lighting
  • garage doors

But it’s a lot more than just turning your thermostat off from your phone or telling Alexa to play Netflix. Here are just a few fun (and practical) things we can help you do.

For Working Parents:

We can program the front door with individual unlock codes for each child and when they unlock it after school, you’ll get a text saying, “Timmy is home” or “Maria is home.” We can also install nanny-cam type cameras so you can make sure Timmy and Maria are doing their homework and not binge-watching “Stranger Things.”

For the “I’m Not a Morning Person” Person:

We can set an automated alarm that turns on your favorite radio or TV station in the morning to help wake you up in a kinder, gentler way.

For the Energy- and Environmentally-Conscious Person:

We can program settings to maximize your energy saving. For example, you could have the shades go down when the temperature in your house reaches, say 78 degrees, in order to help with cooling. We can also time your lawn sprinklers to come on after sunset and before sunrise so that your system is as efficient as possible.

For People with Elderly Parents or Other Dependents at Home:

We can put an emergency button in the house that will send you a text saying “call home” when it’s pressed.

For People Who Like to Embarrass Their Kids:

We have a friend whose house is programmed to play the song “Big Poppa” every time he unlocks the front door. His kids are mortified.

For the Forgetful Person:

We can program your system to lock the doors, arm the security system, and the lights turn off when you leave the house. All without you lifting a finger or having to remember to do anything.

For the Pet Owner:

When you get held up at work or want to stay a little longer at that all-day festival, you can use your phone to unlock the door so the neighbor can let Bailey out.

For the Cool Factor:

Everything that can be automated can also be programmed to respond to voice commands using Alexa, Google Home, or other voice-response systems.


You can certainly DIY a home automation system, but the results may not have the “wow factor” that you’re after. In our experience, DIY systems usually end up rather piecemeal, using one app to control the lights, another to control the thermostat, another for home security, etc. With a WAVES system, all of your devices are seamlessly integrated into one app and we customize the system to fit your specific wants and needs. We can automate things so that you don’t even have to touch your phone, they just happen automatically. For example, when you pull into the driveway, the garage door will open, the lights will come on, and the TV will turn to Hulu. 

These are just a few of the many ways home automation can make your life better, easier, and more fun. To find out how we can make your life run more smoothly, give us a call at (404) 483-1834 or click on the box at the bottom left of your screen for an instant live chat.

DIY Smart Home Pitfalls

Everybody wants a Smart Home and clients ask me about it all the time. Even still, whenever I start talking about Smart Home technology I often hear, “I’m not a high tech person,” or “That stuff is way too complicated for me.” And there’s a reason for that. Too many people are going the do-it-yourself route. When they show it off to their friends it’s too hard to follow. How many times have you seen a friend or neighbor go through this whole routine at a party:

“First you open the Nest app and set the temperature…(pause, wait for the app to respond)…then you open the TV app and turn on your TV…(pause, wait for the app to respond)… then you open the receiver app and turn on the sound system, oh and here’s the cool part, ‘Alexa, set lights for movie night.’”

It’s the millennial equivalent of having 10 remotes on the coffee table. And it doesn’t work any better than those 10 remotes did. A true Smart Home can make all of those things happen by just saying, “Alexa, turn on Netflix,” and like magic, you’re watching a movie.

If you have 5 remotes in a basket on your coffee table or taking up space in a drawer in your end table, ask yourself if everyone in the house can operate the system easily. If they answer is no, give us a call at (404) 483-1834 to schedule a home automation consultation or click on the box to the left for a live online chat. Let WAVES make it easy to use for the whole family. 

How Many Things Can You Do with Home Automation?

Home automation can turn your home into the smartest home on the block. Not only will it be smarter, it will also be safer, and even make life easier for you!

You have so many options with home automation. You control the whole house from your tablet or cell phone, with the app that you can easily download. The power to control your home is in the palm of your hand. It is home automation with the ability to control multiple systems, all from one application.

With WAV&S home automation, you can control these features of your home:

  1. Let there be light: You can turn the lights on or off with the click of a button on your control panel (or tablet app) but you can also set the lights on a timer, dim the lights, or set them to come on in the morning to wake you up! Lighting options are way more than just an on or off switch.
  2. Surround sound can be taken to a whole new level! By being able to control the audio (or stereo sound) in multiple rooms of your home, you can have the same music flowing all over the house. You can turn off certain rooms, or use your home automation system to play the music throughout the house.
  3. The best energy efficiency is from an automated home. Save on energy costs by controlling the heat and the air with the click of a button. Set up timers so that the air or heat comes on when you need it to. There’s no need to run the heat or ac systems at the optimum temperature while no one is there. Just start them up when you are on your way home, from your phone app! Warm your home up, or cool it down, before you even get there by setting your heat or air on the perfect temperature, through the home automation settings.
  4. Stay safe with home automation security cameras and motion detectors. You can watch the security cameras from your phone or tablet, and get alerts when the security cameras are set on motion. If the motion in the camera is triggered, you can get an alert on your cell phone or see a pop up window from the app. Your home automation system cameras can also record and playback footage if needed. Digital video footage can also be downloaded if it needs to be saved.
  5. See who’s coming to your home, with door cameras. These come in handy for people who work from home, or people who don’t want to be bothered during certain hours of the day. You can see who is at the door without even getting up, by using the camera at the door, and watching it on your app. There’s no need to answer the door for that salesman…You can tell them that you’re busy right from your tablet’s microphone or your cell phone.

These are a few of the options that users of home automation really find to be their favorites. If your favorite automation option isn’t seen above, call us and ask about our home automation options. We have a lot of choices for home owners.

Home Automation: Convenience At Your Fingertips

home automation convenience

A typical day in the life of most families is nonstop hustle and bustle. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. There aren’t many spare hours in the day with a busy family.

Most of us are thrilled to discover something, no matter how big or small, to make life easier and more convenient. Home automation is one of those things that can instantly make your life simpler and considerably more convenient.

The security experts at WAVES start by listening to what you want and moving forward from there. Your home automation system will be custom built based on your specific needs.

Home automation will help you:

  • Link all your systems through a smart-phone or computer
  • Provide security
  • Save money
  • Keep track of when your kids come and go

There’s almost no end to what can be linked through a home automation system. One of the major goals that we focus on is how to improve your quality of life or just help you find some time to relax!

Imagine this: You sit down to watch a movie that’s been on your DVR for a few weeks. Instead of hunting around for two or three remotes (which are probably buried in the couch) to turn everything on, it’s all linked through the tablet on your lap. Just as the movie starts, the doorbell rings. Instead of pausing the movie to get up and see who it is, one touch on your tablet activates your doorbell camera so you can see if it’s someone you really want to talk to.  When the opening credits are finished, your husband shouts from upstairs and asks you to close the garage door he left open. Another simple touch on the tablet takes care of that. Now it’s time to enjoy the movie!

A custom home automation system from WAVES can link the following:

  • Interior and exterior cameras
  • Thermostat controls which will help keep heating and cooling bills under control
  • Entertainment systems
  • Indoor and outdoor Lighting
  • Smart locks
  • Security systems
  • Garage doors

The first step is to call WAVES for a consultation and walk-through of your home. Once your needs are identified, our professionals will build a home automation system for your family that will give you peace of mind, help your wallet and make life a whole lot more convenient.

Automated Lighting with Smart Phone Control

Are you ready to renovate your home with modern technology, like something out of a science-fiction film? Then a home automation system is for you, an exploding market of syncing devices straight from the future. Only, it’s already here!

Home automation is the idea that utilities, security, and services are controlled automatically and wirelessly. They operate on “smart” data, meaning each device transmits information about its status, adapting and changing. In this article, we’re specifically looking at automated lighting and why you’ll find it interesting.

Why Home Automated System Lighting

Before anyone dives into some brand-new tech, there’s normally a big question: why? It’s fancy, no doubt, but it’s got to do a little more than that.

There are a series of different benefits home automated system lighting can offer. For one, once linked with its smartphone app, a person has access to complete monitoring. You’ll get an idea of total wattage use, what lights are on, and even configure schedules!

Let’s examine this further. Depending on the types of lamps, devices, and app you have, all sorts of possibilities open. Smart lights can turn on (and off) based on motion, such as walking through a hallway at night or by opening a door.

The intensity of lights can also be adjusted from the phone app, great for dimming or brightness. They can also be modified per room – on or off – right from the comfort of your smartphone.

These sensors and schedules have the added bonus of saving money. Say you’re trying to cut down on the electric bill, so you’ve installed some smart-devices to monitor usage. Thanks to the integration of machine and app, you can – again – see wattage used and make decisions to reduce light usage.

Combined with smart LED bulbs, and you’ll have a home of the future that also makes your wallet a little happier.

Installing Automated Lights

While we don’t have enough time to get into the hard grit of full home automation system installation, you can rest assured knowing that installing automated lights is quite simple.

However, what types of lights and systems you get will vary from vendor to vendor. There are all sorts of home packages. For example, “smart bulbs” come in packages where the app directly controls the bulb.

This is, though, the key idea. Expenses depend on the seller, but you’re essentially purchasing a smart-light system which has its own app and software. These smart systems can connect wirelessly to your router and operate from there, giving you the freedom to change them at will.

There are numerous other automated systems you can integrate into your home, without any serious renovations. But, smart lights are among the easiest to integrate and offer a plethora of features and benefits. A home is unique, so why not add an extra level of character with customized light options?

If you need assistance, our specialized installation services can get you on the right track, fast!