Change of Plans

Chris has a dream. He wants to put a home theater in the bonus room on the third floor of his new place. He wants a projector, a screen, and an audio system so awesome that when his friends are watching the Super Bowl, they feel like they have sideline seats. 

But life happens, and Chris found out that he and his wife are expecting another baby. Congrats on that! However, Chris is now trying to find ways to cut his original $20,000 budget in half.

Not wanting to sacrifice screen size, he started looking for cheaper audio options. After shopping around, Chris informed me that the system we designed together was going to cost too much, and that he’d found a soundbar system that would fit his new budget better. I knew that this would ruin his awesome theater experience because the soundbar would lack the power and flexibility he was looking for. We talked some more and I was able to get Chris into a receiver-based system that gave him plenty of power and over 80% of what the original $20,000 system had for the same price as the sound bar he was looking at.

At WAV&S we know our products. We go through over 48 hours of manufacturer training each year, in addition to constantly testing products ourselves. We know the specs and features of all types of electronics, so we’re great at geting you what you want while staying within your budget. If you need some product advice, give us a call at (404) 483-1834 or click on the box at the bottom left of your screen for an instant live chat.