How Many Things Can You Do with Home Automation?

Home automation can turn your home into the smartest home on the block. Not only will it be smarter, it will also be safer, and even make life easier for you!

You have so many options with home automation. You control the whole house from your tablet or cell phone, with the app that you can easily download. The power to control your home is in the palm of your hand. It is home automation with the ability to control multiple systems, all from one application.

With WAV&S home automation, you can control these features of your home:

  1. Let there be light: You can turn the lights on or off with the click of a button on your control panel (or tablet app) but you can also set the lights on a timer, dim the lights, or set them to come on in the morning to wake you up! Lighting options are way more than just an on or off switch.
  2. Surround sound can be taken to a whole new level! By being able to control the audio (or stereo sound) in multiple rooms of your home, you can have the same music flowing all over the house. You can turn off certain rooms, or use your home automation system to play the music throughout the house.
  3. The best energy efficiency is from an automated home. Save on energy costs by controlling the heat and the air with the click of a button. Set up timers so that the air or heat comes on when you need it to. There’s no need to run the heat or ac systems at the optimum temperature while no one is there. Just start them up when you are on your way home, from your phone app! Warm your home up, or cool it down, before you even get there by setting your heat or air on the perfect temperature, through the home automation settings.
  4. Stay safe with home automation security cameras and motion detectors. You can watch the security cameras from your phone or tablet, and get alerts when the security cameras are set on motion. If the motion in the camera is triggered, you can get an alert on your cell phone or see a pop up window from the app. Your home automation system cameras can also record and playback footage if needed. Digital video footage can also be downloaded if it needs to be saved.
  5. See who’s coming to your home, with door cameras. These come in handy for people who work from home, or people who don’t want to be bothered during certain hours of the day. You can see who is at the door without even getting up, by using the camera at the door, and watching it on your app. There’s no need to answer the door for that salesman…You can tell them that you’re busy right from your tablet’s microphone or your cell phone.

These are a few of the options that users of home automation really find to be their favorites. If your favorite automation option isn’t seen above, call us and ask about our home automation options. We have a lot of choices for home owners.