Automated Lighting with Smart Phone Control

Are you ready to renovate your home with modern technology, like something out of a science-fiction film? Then a home automation system is for you, an exploding market of syncing devices straight from the future. Only, it’s already here!

Home automation is the idea that utilities, security, and services are controlled automatically and wirelessly. They operate on “smart” data, meaning each device transmits information about its status, adapting and changing. In this article, we’re specifically looking at automated lighting and why you’ll find it interesting.

Why Home Automated System Lighting

Before anyone dives into some brand-new tech, there’s normally a big question: why? It’s fancy, no doubt, but it’s got to do a little more than that.

There are a series of different benefits home automated system lighting can offer. For one, once linked with its smartphone app, a person has access to complete monitoring. You’ll get an idea of total wattage use, what lights are on, and even configure schedules!

Let’s examine this further. Depending on the types of lamps, devices, and app you have, all sorts of possibilities open. Smart lights can turn on (and off) based on motion, such as walking through a hallway at night or by opening a door.

The intensity of lights can also be adjusted from the phone app, great for dimming or brightness. They can also be modified per room – on or off – right from the comfort of your smartphone.

These sensors and schedules have the added bonus of saving money. Say you’re trying to cut down on the electric bill, so you’ve installed some smart-devices to monitor usage. Thanks to the integration of machine and app, you can – again – see wattage used and make decisions to reduce light usage.

Combined with smart LED bulbs, and you’ll have a home of the future that also makes your wallet a little happier.

Installing Automated Lights

While we don’t have enough time to get into the hard grit of full home automation system installation, you can rest assured knowing that installing automated lights is quite simple.

However, what types of lights and systems you get will vary from vendor to vendor. There are all sorts of home packages. For example, “smart bulbs” come in packages where the app directly controls the bulb.

This is, though, the key idea. Expenses depend on the seller, but you’re essentially purchasing a smart-light system which has its own app and software. These smart systems can connect wirelessly to your router and operate from there, giving you the freedom to change them at will.

There are numerous other automated systems you can integrate into your home, without any serious renovations. But, smart lights are among the easiest to integrate and offer a plethora of features and benefits. A home is unique, so why not add an extra level of character with customized light options?

If you need assistance, our specialized installation services can get you on the right track, fast!